I’m very proud of Seungri. I worked over a year for my album, but one day YG told Seungri to make an album and he made one in just 2 weeks. Ah, maybe 3 weeks. He’s a true genius. I’m jealous of his propulsion.

G-Dragon (on 131026 Guerilla Date, translated by @huisuyoon, @bigbanggisvip)

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Yes!!! Team A Won!! Seungri must be so proud of Jinwoo. And WINNER is going on tour with them! Guessing we might see Seungwoo scandals during the tour


lol so seungwoo is the ship name huh? yes he’s proud of jinwoo ^^ he hugged jinwoo too~

do you know what this means?


it means that Seunghoon has won something for the first time in his life

it means that Mino has debuted again, this legit phoenix of the kpop industry, you just cannot kill him and his raw talent

it means that Jinwoo 2.0 with his powerful confidence can go back to his father on that ship and say his four years was for something

it means that Nam Princess will be on our screens forever more

it means that Seungyoon will be a full-fledged permanent producer for a wonderful team of talented boys

it means they are here to stay


the legend of winner - it begins today

131025 Seungri hugging WINNER’s Jinwoo!
source: 12blooming

131025 Seungri hugging WINNER’s Jinwoo!

source: 12blooming